Jan. 12th, 2017

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Що мені чомусь нагадало старий анекдот:

The magician gets a job on a cruise ship. And he soon realises that he doesn't have to come up w/ a new set of tricks every week. Because what? There is a different audience every week: people get off the boat, 3000 more people get on.

Except the captain has a parrot & the parrot sits there through all of his shows & the parrot pretty soon learns all the tricks. And being a parrot & a troublemaker the parrot starts yelling out staff. In the middle of the trick the parrot says "IT'S UNDER THE TABLE!" or "IT'S IN HIS OTHER HAND!", so pretty soon the poor guy is devastated: he's ruined--he is gonna come up w/ all new tricks.

On a way back to port, the ship hits something (not an iceberg, because it's a cruise ship; unless you go to Alaska which would be stupid).

The ship hits something & goes down. The parrot & the magician find themselves clinging to the last little bit of debris. The magician is on one side, holding on, the parrot on the other side. Hours go by & they're just starring on each other.

Finally, the parrot says "OK, I give up. Where is the ship?"

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