Jan. 29th, 2017

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"Zenz [who was dating a Russian man who worked with Stoyanov at Indrik] said, the Russian government's treason case against Mikhaylov and Stoyanov is likely to have a chilling effect on the sharing of cyber threat information among researchers and security companies, and will almost certainly create problems for Kaspersky's image abroad."

(via https://krebsonsecurity.com/?p=37823)

Як на мене, тому Касперському вже давно не завадило б приклеїти до свого лого девіз "служу саветскому саюзу", хоча цей факт має бути відомим навіть самим необізнаним у світі.

Щодо залишків security ppl in Russia я можу тільки сказати: run, idiots, run, while you can, інакше вас чекає ось це:

"Mikhaylov reportedly was arrested while in the middle of a meeting, escorted out of the room with a bag thrown over his head. Both men are being tried for treason. As a result, the government's case against them is classified, and it's unclear exactly what they are alleged to have done."

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