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Оновився до Chromium 56: вони знову зламали hdpi для лайнукса. Знову доводиться пускати з --force-device-scale-factor=1. Шрифти у вьюпорті ніби виглядають як і раніше, але тулбар, таби, меню і статусбар рендерятся міліпіздричним Sans 9.


Погуглив, ага я не один; у когось така ж сама проблема: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=687080.

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A British road rage example, one of my all time favourites!

Чомусь згадалося. Пам'ятаю, я як 1й раз це побачив, то дивився відео разів 5 in a loop--не міг зупинитися. It's so freaking great.

"Is that what it says in the Highway Code?"
"No, it says knock you cunts over."

Opens a Youtube page

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"The trouble is we're not making nostalgia as fast as we're consuming it."

--Joel Spolsky

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"Zenz [who was dating a Russian man who worked with Stoyanov at Indrik] said, the Russian government's treason case against Mikhaylov and Stoyanov is likely to have a chilling effect on the sharing of cyber threat information among researchers and security companies, and will almost certainly create problems for Kaspersky's image abroad."

(via https://krebsonsecurity.com/?p=37823)

Як на мене, тому Касперському вже давно не завадило б приклеїти до свого лого девіз "служу саветскому саюзу", хоча цей факт має бути відомим навіть самим необізнаним у світі.

Щодо залишків security ppl in Russia я можу тільки сказати: run, idiots, run, while you can, інакше вас чекає ось це:

"Mikhaylov reportedly was arrested while in the middle of a meeting, escorted out of the room with a bag thrown over his head. Both men are being tried for treason. As a result, the government's case against them is classified, and it's unclear exactly what they are alleged to have done."

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Сценічне ім'я тітоньки--Mama Lou. Кажуть, вона з Канзасу.

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The offline help of LibreOffice


I'm not even talking about another great feature: a fixed font size everywhere in the help window. Apparently all the LibreOffice users have perfect eyesight.

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В університеті у мене був однокурсник, сам оригінально з Новосибірську (свєртесь с картой, югавасточниє, де той Новосибірськ; підсказка--далéко).

Попавши до Києва, у звичайну школу в 10й клас, він за 4 місяці опанував українську з абсолютного 0 до "відмінно" і з того часу ставився до людей, які народилися в Україні, але схвильовано захищали російську, як до розумово відсталих.

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Є (точніше, колись був) такий брітіш сітком The Royle Family. Геть невідомий у пост-совку, хоча дома має культовий статус. (Джоан Роулінг, наприклад, його вельми хвалить.)


Тому, хто не любить слухати всілякі регіональні брітіш акценти, дивитися сенсу мало. Мені знадобилося ~3 епізоди, поки я не аджаснув вуха.

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A note for travelers:

"As a native born San Franciscan and avid reader of Herb Caen when he was alive, any true hipster would know that you don't call it "Frisco." People who do this are crude and unrefined and not really San Franciscans."

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Lord Clarendon about Bulstrode Whitelocke:

'A man of honour, who loved his country, though in every change of government he always adhered to the ruling power.'


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У юзерки [personal profile] levkonoe побачив картинку Сьола. Погуглив. Чувак був ок!

Роздивляючись його роботи, у мене виникла підозра, що отой всіма вами любимий кацап Ложкін (який полюбляє тихо-тихо у кругу своїх пиздіти про атнашєніе к нашим на Украінє) злизав котиків саме у Сьола.

Read more... )
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Andrei Shleifer, born Feb 20, 1961, Moscow. Professor of Economics at Harvard University. His current classes: http://scholar.harvard.edu/shleifer/classes

Kids, this is just incredible:

"Andrei Shleifer headed a Harvard project under the auspices of the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) that invested U.S. government funds in the development of Russia's economy."

"In 1997, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) canceled most of its funding for the Harvard project after investigations showed that top HIID officials Andre Schleifer and Johnathan Hay had used their positions and insider information to profit from investments in the Russian securities markets. Among other things, the Institute for a Law Based Economy (ILBE) was used to assist Schleifer's wife, Nancy Zimmerman, who operated a hedge fund which speculated in Russian bonds.

In August 2005, Harvard University, Shleifer and the Department of Justice reached an agreement under which the university paid $26.5 million to settle the five-year-old lawsuit. Shleifer was also responsible for paying $2 million worth of damages, though he did not admit any wrongdoing."

& despite of that he still teaches at Harvard. Who cares the dude is a criminal for he did so much for the New Keynesian economics!

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TIL, turns outs there is such a thing as social media liability insurance. I don't even.

"Media liability insurance [...] protects you for negligence in your own media content and advertising, including websites, blogs and social media. So you can rest easy knowing if that post backfires, any legal fees and compensation costs will be covered.

[...] is designed for the unique needs of media and technology businesses, protecting you for infringement of intellectual property, breach of confidentiality or right to privacy, and breach of comparative advertising regulations."

"Just by using a blog, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube account, your business could face claims for slander, breach of copyright or making false or misleading statements."

"What if a competitor alleges that you make unfair comparisons to their product on your website? Or you accidentally used a stock image without a license? Your business could be required to pay compensation, incurring heavy legal costs along the way."

What I would actually like to see is an insurance that protects me from accidentally stumbling upon kacaps on the internets.

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make: Nothing to be done for 'post'.

Отже все імпортовано. Зойків не чув, мабуть все обійшлося.

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Якщо у наступні дні у вас у DW'шній Reading Page з'явиться 1225 дописів 5-3х річної давнини від yours truly, ви не дивуйтеся, ггг.
Я вирішив імпортувати їх сюди, а Г+ згодом закрити. Роблю я це via xml-rpc, де у LJ.XMLRPC.postevent є аргумент props.opt_backdated (всіляких дивних параметрів там взагалі дохуя), який начебто регулює, чи з'явиться допис на the Reading Page. Чи працює opt_backdated насправді, я гадки не маю, тому якщо ваш DW зламається на кілька днів, то буде моя провина.
*ducks & runs*
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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 11:17:09 -0800
From: Steve Johnson <scj-nwtwud4k+p9bdgjk7y7tuq@public.gmane.org>
Newsgroups: gmane.org.unix-heritage.general
Subject: Re: TUHS Digest, Vol 14, Issue 63
X-Mailer: Atmail 7.5.3
Message-ID: <e1ed887565d75543128f9e66919de8291207b9f0@webmail.yaccman.com>

This comment reminded me of an internal talk I attended at Bell
Labs.  It had the single most powerful slide I've ever seen in a
talk.  It was a talk about internal networking, and the slide looked
like your standard network diagram -- lots of circles with lots of
lines connecting them.  The computation centers were networked.
UUCP was on there, and datakit.

But dead in the middle of the slide was a circle that had absolutely
no connections with anything.  Of course, somebody asked about, and
was told "Oh.  That's the networking department..."

As I recall, said department ceased to exist about a month later...

----- Original Message -----
From: "Larry McVoy" <lm-vxhrmpcwsr4avxtiumwx3w@public.gmane.org>

. . .
 AT&T seemed pretty clueless about networking.
. . .
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From the biography of Paul Samuelson (Founder of Modern Economics: Paul A. Samuelson: Volume 1: Becoming Samuelson, 1915-1948):

'... he ascribed his intelligence to genetics: "I began as an out-and-out believer in heredity. My brothers and I were smart kids. My cousins all weighed in above the average." He was congenitally smart and made no secret of it, at one point noting in the early 1950s he was prescribed some medication that dulled his mind, giving him for the first time insight into "how the other half lives."'

From the comments to http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2017/01/founder-modern-economics-paul-samuelson.html:

'Paul Samuelson stated in the 1961 edition of his famous economics textbook that USSR GNP was half that of the U.S. but was growing faster... and would exceed the U.S. as early as 1984 or perhaps as late as 1997. By the 1980 edition, Samuelson slipped those dates to 2002/2012, but stuck firmly to his "brilliant" economic analysis of the Soviet economy. Samuelson kept predicting Soviet economic dominance up until 1989.'

My copy of Economics doesn't have the chapter about the Soviets! Had I found it there, I would have never bothered to read Samuelson.