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Яка гарнюня: https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/

Вся the configuration system написана на Guile.

(define %my-services
  ;; My very own list of services.
  (modify-services %base-services
    (guix-service-type config =>
                        (inherit config)
                        (use-substitutes? #f)
                        (extra-options '("--gc-keep-derivations"))))
    (mingetty-service-type config =>
                            (inherit config)))))

  ;; …
  (services %my-services))

Я вражений!

At the Scheme level, the bulk of an operating-system declaration is instantiated with the following monadic procedure (see The Store Monad):

Monadic Procedure: operating-system-derivation os

Return a derivation that builds os, an operating-system object (see Derivations).

The output of the derivation is a single directory that refers to all the packages, configuration files, and other supporting files needed to instantiate os.

Ааааа, the stored monad!

Колись, коли майже 9 років тому я писав кастомний лайнукс дістро (для стартапа, який лопнув ще до етапу MVP, гагага), то намагався геть усе писати на Tcl. Інсталятор був на Tk, частина скриптів у /etc була на Tcl, тощо. Tcl був вибраний, бо він був крихітній, uber fast, не потребував ніяких dependencies і мав Tk.

Але в порівнянні з оцим guix дістро, то було ніщо, нуль. Ці пацани з Guile це як Генрі Форд vs. паровий двигун.

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Лист відправлений з Глівіце у квітні 1917:

Dear Husband!

This is the last letter I am writing to you, because on the 24th I am going to marry another man. Then I don’t have to work any longer. I have already been working for three years as long as you are away from home. All the other men come home for leave, only you POWs [0] never come. Nobody knows how long it will take until you come home. That’s why I am going to have a new husband. I will give the children to the orphanage. I don’t give a rat’s ass about a life like that!

There is no way to survive with these few Pfennig benefits. At work they have a big mouth about the women. Now I don’t need to go to work, now the other man is going to work for me. All wives whose husbands are POWs will do the same thing and they will all get rid of the children.

Three years at work are too much for the women and 20 Mark for benefit and 10 Mark child benefit are not enough. One cannot live on that. Everything is so expensive now. One pound of bacon costs 8 Mark, a shirt, 9 Mark.

Your wife

3 years at work are too much for the women!

(via https://www.futilitycloset.com/?p=45645)

[0] POW -- a prisoner of war

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У FBI працюють трошки наївні люди. Ось подивіться на це їбало:


Ім'я: Алєксєй Бєлан
Місце народження: Рига, Латвія
Національність: Латиш

100%-й латиш, ага. Ким він ще може бути.

'Belan has Russian citizenship and is known to hold a Russian passport. He speaks Russian and may travel within Russia, Greece, Latvia, the Maldives, and Thailand. He may wear eyeglasses and dye his brown hair red or blond. He was last known to be in Krasnodar, Russia.'

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Совєтські погромісти обговорюють майбутнє України та EU:


"подєліть Восточную Європу прімєрно в ґраніцах 1652 ґода"

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Зробив git push --tags, тепер на їх (sourceforge.net) жахливій пародії на гітхаб хвилин 30 висіть The metadata for this repository is missing. To fix, please try a refresh.

Коли вже цю стюардесу закопають?

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... або русня повчає американських девелоперів:


Зліва направо: від безкоштовних уроків пограмування до Гітлера.

Я чув, Github кілька разів забороняли в Росії, чи щось таке (не пам'ятаю подробиць). Навіщо вони тоді лізуть? Яндекс ще не спромігся зробити свій православний РуSSхаб чи шо?

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From: Dennis Ritchie <dmr@bell-labs.com>
Subject: Re: When giants walked the earth (was: 1130)
Date: 1998/05/02
Message-ID: <354A5F96.FD6@bell-labs.com>
Organization: Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.computers

Tom Van Vleck wrote (quoting alderson):

> > No, it wasn't.  It originated at the Stanford Artificial
> > Intelligence Lab;
> Perhaps we have a case of parallel invention.  I wrote a program
> that uttered a random remark on each invocation in MAD for CTSS in
> 1965, for my own amusement.  It is possible that some of my Bell
> Labs colleagues on the Multics development project were aware of
> this program.

I don't know where the Unix fortune program came from.  It appeared in
the 7th edition (1979) but wasn't in the 6th (1975).  I doubt that it
was parallel invention, rather derivative adaptation, but the time gap
between v7 and 1965 CTSS is large enough that it's doubtful that TVV's
version was the immediate ancestor.  It could indeed be SAIL.

Incidentally, this program figured in an amusing story, somewhat
later, that tends to validate a notation that Bob Morris had in an
early manual in the rand (III) section: "The author of this routine
has been writing random number generators for many years, but has
never written one that works."  (Referring to Ken Thompson).

Several had observed that even though there were many thousands of
fortunes in the file, they kept seeing the same ones over and over
again.  The fortune is selected by flipping a figurative coin (using
rand()).  It turned out that although the RNG was actually reasonably
good asymptotically, after it was initialized it took a while to
achieve the good behavior.  Fortune, of course, reset the RNG each
time the command was invoked and used the first, biased values from

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Томас і Реймонд Маліáці про підарасів, які люблять хонкати.

Tom: 'The light turns green (we're talking about a nanosecond here) & the guy behind me "beep"--he's on his horn. Every time this happens I purposely stall my car & get out to ask the guy behind me "I'm sorry, was there a problem?"'

Ray: 'To be fair, I've driven behind you; & suffice it to say that you haven't gotten away from a stop-light in < 20 or 30 seconds. So I can understand the guy behind you. I don't condone it, but I can understand.'

Tom: 'That's why I say: it's rude. If I was walking down the street in front of you & was walking too slowly, would you push me?! Would you yell at my ear "Hey, jerk, move a little faster!"?! You would never do that if I was walking. All I ask is: treat me when I'm in my car the way you would threat me if I was walking down the street!'

Ray: 'But you know what you do when you're walking down the street & someone is going too slowly? You go around. & you can't always do that when you stuck in traffic.'

Tom: '& if you can't, what do yo have to do? You have to wait. The would has forgotten how to wait. Don't forget we're not talking about waiting for hours, we're talking about seconds if even that!'

Ray: 'You add all those up. It could add up to years.'

Tom: 'It doesn't add up. If you could get every single one of those people to move his butt a second of 2 sooner you get to work...'

Ray: '... you could retire 5 years earlier.'

Tom: 'You would get to work a ½ a minute sooner! Big deal!'

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Jörg Schilling--автор cdrtools і персональної сторінки у стилі the year 1996 that never ended.

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 19:14:44 +0100
From: Joerg Schilling <schily-lSlhzV3CM+2sTnJN9+BGXg@public.gmane.org>
Newsgroups: gmane.org.unix-heritage.general
Subject: Re: Mach for i386 / Mt Xinu or other
User-Agent: nail 11.22 3/20/05
Message-ID: <58ab3214.+jRaJEWVki5gYHFz%schily@schily.net>

Larry McVoy <lm-VxhRmpcwSR4AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org> wrote:

> Linus had the qualities of being a good programmer, a good architect,
> and a good manager.  I've never seen all 3 in a person before or since.

My memory is different. He claims that his intention is to keep
kernel/userspace interfaces stable, but given the fact that this did
never happen, I tend to believe that he lacks the understanding on
what all is part of the kernel/userspace interface.

He also send me a 10 line patch for cdrtools in 2004 and I did never
get a worse patch (a patch that includes more new bugs) for my

So I cannot confirm your view.

He is a person with a strong ego and this may have helped to spread


#інтриги #розслідування

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Що робить нормальна, здорова людина, якій треба намалювати діаграму, малюнок, тощо? Відкриває якийсь Inkscape та малює.

Що роблю я? Шукаю на полиці роздруковану Computer Science Technical Report No. 116 Браяна Вільсона Кернігана і кожен раз перечитую її заново, тому що роблю я це 1 раз на 6 місяців і за цей період геть забуваю мову PIC.

Наприклад, ось така svg картинка:

Рендериться з цього тексту:

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Який зайняло в мене майже годину народити, ггг.

Жах с точки зору productivity, але typographically результат краще, ніж будь-який mouse click based.

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Цікаво, яка з 2х colour schemes найбільш прийнятна для глаз in the long run? Я все життя користувався lightgray-on-black для терміналів і black-on-lightgray у текстових редакторах.

В macOS, як відомо, дефолтна скіма для терміналу є black-on-white. В Windows для консолі powershell багато років за замовчуванням стояла страшненька white-on-blue, яка була гарним індикатором чи користувався хто powershell на цій машині чи ні, бо той хто користувався--зазвичай змінював ото одоробло на якусь lightgray-on-black.

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Window-specific bindings rely on the application receiving synthetic
events. This used to be quite common, but in more recent times has
been a security concern, so not many applications accept them (XTerm
does, but you have to tell it to allow them, for instance).

Hence, this feature in FVWM has been removed.

There's nothing FVWM can do about this.

Чудово, тобто раніше я міг переключатися між вікнами у screen жмакаючи Alt-Fx, натомість зараз я як жмакаю Alt-F4, то замість очікуваного 4го вікна, fvwm закриває xterm нахуй разом з screen'ом.

#прогрес #інновації

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Ні, це не метро Либідська, а the dramatic Alaskian blanket toss:

Стрибки на батуті то є національна аляскинська забава:

Opens a Youtube page

Go figure.

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From: David <david-j9qY4gOmSpxAfugRpC6u6w@public.gmane.org>
Newsgroups: gmane.org.unix-heritage.general
Subject: Access to Unix
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 08:30:56 -0800
Message-ID: <3F95348D-9D95-4BE6-AC7C-757D30784E39@kdbarto.org>
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.3124)

(somewhat long story)

After reading all the stories about how Unix source was protected and
hard to access to I’ve got to say that my experience was a little

I was at UCSD from 76-80 when UCSD got a VAX and I think it was
running 32V at the time. Well being a CS student didn’t get you access
to that machine, it was for the grad students and others doing all the
real work.

I became friends with the admin of the system (sdcsvax) and he
mentioned one day that the thing he wanted more than anything else was
more disks. He had a bunch of the removable disk packs and wanted a
couple more to swap out to do things like change the OS quickly etc.

My dad worked for CDC at the time, and he was making removable media
of the same type that the VAX was using. My luck. I asked him about
getting a disk pack, or two. He said that these things cost thousands
and he couldn’t just pick them up and bring them home.

Then one day a couple of them ‘fell off a truck’ and my Dad just
happened to be there to pick them up and bring them home. You know, so
the kids could see what he did for a job.

I took them into the lab and gave them to the admin who looked the
disks, then at me, and asked what I wanted in exchange. I asked for a
seat at the VAX, with full access.

Since then I’ve had a ucsd email account, and been a dyed in the wool
Unix guy.


UCSD is University of California San Diego.
CDC is Control Data Corporation that was Seymour Cray's supercomputer firm. Removable "disk packs" of the 70s looked like this.

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"The most just and salutary revolution must produce much suffering. The most just and salutary revolution cannot produce all the good that had been expected from it by men of uninstructed minds and sanguine tempers.

Even the wisest cannot, while it is still recent, weigh quite fairly the evils which it has caused against the evils which it has removed. For the evils which it has caused are felt; and the evils which it has removed are felt no longer."

(From The History of England, by Thomas Babington Macaulay, ch. 11)

Btw, Macaulay is pronounced 'Макóлі'.

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Підсів останнім часом на The Dollop. Не всі епізоди у них однаково цікаві, але ось цей--це щось неймовірне: історія про хлопчика-хіміка з Детройту.

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Томас Óтвей був драматургом у період реставрації, під час правління Чарльза II. Хоча будь-який вихований та породистий англієць знайомий з його п'єсами, за межами Британії він відомий не своєю епістолярною спадщиною, а трагічними обставинами смерті.

Óтвей покохав акторку Елізабет Беррі, з якою він познайомився на одній з численних вистав його власних п'єс, де вона зазвичай грала куртизанок. Беррі фліртувала з Óтвейем, але відмовлялася піти з ним на побачення. У Беррі був коханец--придворний поет Джон Вілмот. Вілмот насолоджувався життям, складав вірші виключно заради розваг і володів маленькою хатинкою з невеличким клаптиком землі:

Беррі не хотіла втрачати заможного коханця, тому всі палкі намагання невдатного Óтвея були марними.

Пригнічений Óтвей впав у депресію і записався солдатом у спеціальній англійський полк за кордоном, який допомагав Голландії захищатися від французів. Коли Чарльз II припинив фінансування англійських військ у Голландії, Óтвей повернувся до Лондону за свій кошт, ще більш пригнічений і нещасний.

Його п'єси втратили популярність і він впав у страшенні злидні. Одного дня він пішов до Тауєр-Хілу (тогочасного місця Лондонських публічних страт) просити милостиню. Перехожий, дізнавшись хто він такий, дав йому 1 гінею, з якою Óтвей помчав до найближчої пекарні. Він почав їсти з такою швидкістю, що подавився хлібом і помер.

У його смерті деякі історики звинувачували непрямим чином Чарльза II, який ліберально роздавав гроші всіляким пройдисвітам, але проігнорував Óтвея, жахлива ситуація якого йому була добре відома.