Feb. 14th, 2015

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'The GNU kernel was not originally supposed to be called the Hurd. Its original name was Alix—named after the woman who was my sweetheart at the time. [...] Michael (now Thomas) Bushnell, the main developer of the kernel, preferred the name Hurd, [...]

Later, Alix and I broke up, and she changed her name;'

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Кто забыл, хочу напомнить, что мы живет в период intelligence explosion и accelerating change.

The notion of an "intelligence explosion" was first described by IJ Good (1965), who speculated on the effects of superhuman machines.


14 Feb 2015, Ukraine. Министр, я извиняюсь, мвд, начинает свое послание так:

Подписал шифротелеграмму всем поддразделениям МВД,

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