Jan. 9th, 2017

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I used to drive taxis in London 25 years ago. Whenever someone jumped in and said they were in a rush, I would just rev more and take corners harder to throw em round a bit, while really going no quicker. The sensation of speed was usually enough for a tip.

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Nearly every company I've worked for eventually brings in the Atlassian bullshit despite my protest.

It usually begins with hiring some project manager who likes Atlassian and forces the hire of an Atlassian shill to configure Atlassian products full time, but it never becomes any good.

They pry us off our existing issue tracker and wiki (github, trac) and force us to use that awful content-editable-based wiki that destroys the document differently in every browser, then tell us not to use Chrome because clearly Chrome is the problem. Witch-hunts begin about who screwed up the wiki formatting. Everything breaks if you press the back button. And then inevitably somebody forgot to give somebody permission for something and now everyone with permission is out of town so nothing can be done.

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