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henry_flower ([personal profile] henry_flower) wrote2017-02-12 10:09 pm

A bit of trivia about Matroška container name

The secret info you won't find in Wikipedia.

> Кому таке в голову прийшло?

To a French programmer Steve Lhomme who was trying to record TV political debates during the 2002 French presidential election & was frustrated w/ a default container for (popular back then) mpeg codecs.

The format is actually called Matroška (note the caron over 's'). The orig author pronounces it as 'матрóска', there is no 'ёш' sound in the name; he knew how to utter 'matryoshka' properly, but he thought it would be beneficial to leave out 'ёш' to ease the pronunciation for western folks.

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