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You could retire 5 years earlier!

Томас і Реймонд Маліáці про підарасів, які люблять хонкати.

Tom: 'The light turns green (we're talking about a nanosecond here) & the guy behind me "beep"--he's on his horn. Every time this happens I purposely stall my car & get out to ask the guy behind me "I'm sorry, was there a problem?"'

Ray: 'To be fair, I've driven behind you; & suffice it to say that you haven't gotten away from a stop-light in < 20 or 30 seconds. So I can understand the guy behind you. I don't condone it, but I can understand.'

Tom: 'That's why I say: it's rude. If I was walking down the street in front of you & was walking too slowly, would you push me?! Would you yell at my ear "Hey, jerk, move a little faster!"?! You would never do that if I was walking. All I ask is: treat me when I'm in my car the way you would threat me if I was walking down the street!'

Ray: 'But you know what you do when you're walking down the street & someone is going too slowly? You go around. & you can't always do that when you stuck in traffic.'

Tom: '& if you can't, what do yo have to do? You have to wait. The would has forgotten how to wait. Don't forget we're not talking about waiting for hours, we're talking about seconds if even that!'

Ray: 'You add all those up. It could add up to years.'

Tom: 'It doesn't add up. If you could get every single one of those people to move his butt a second of 2 sooner you get to work...'

Ray: '... you could retire 5 years earlier.'

Tom: 'You would get to work a ½ a minute sooner! Big deal!'