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Американські геймери vs. німецькі геймери

Bruce Shelly (Railroad Tycoon, Civ1, Age of Empires 1-3)

"I spend some time in Germany working w/ guys that make these browser games. You play for 20 minutes, you build something, you come back in an hour, 2 hours later. One of the designers spoke to me. He said,

"You talk about a typical game styles like a Builder, a War Mongol. We have a style, played in Germany that we don't see much in America, that is called a Labourer. They just show up & work a little bit on their building & that's good enough for them. They come up from work, whatever they do for a living, & they just want to build something: do a little [inaudible], the little nailing & then they done. They came back tomorrow & do some more & that's perfect--they spend money on our games. There is an entire industry based in Europe & Northern Europe of Labourers who labour on their games."

I don't think we see that in America very often--this games don't do well in America. I don't think they do very well in Asia.'

(via Designer Notes podcast, ep. 9)

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Ой, я когда-то торчал в Берлине, и в той конторе, где я ишачил, в 4 часа дня объявляли "гейм тайм"; меня, как русского, тащили к компьютеру, где была игра Triad, и надо было мочить фашистов (!). Я ходил мочил фашистов... почему я? потому что все местные были читеры, им было страшно играть без читов, а я как матерый думщик, мочил их всех в натуре. Сзади стояли немцы и кричали "фойер! фойер!". Для них это было какое-то мазохистское шоу.