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We don't like being told what to do!

A small survey intended to provide a snapshot of NMI members’ key Brexit-related concerns revealed that 74% of respondents were worried about future lack of access to the European Union’s free trade market. [...]

Next on the list of NMI members’ concerns was recruitment, with 65% of respondents concerned about reduced access to the EU’s pool of skills and labor.


Не знаю чому, але я сподівався, що ніякого Брексіту не буде, тобто Парламент буде прискіпливо обговорювати і цмулити N років як його краще виконати, аж доки ті, хто голосували yay, стануть no more, бо відкинуть копита від старості. Тоді б можна було запитати "Ну так шо?" і всі "Та нє, єто біла ашибка".

Чомусь згадалося, як минулого літа в улюбленому подкастику Planet Money був епізод, як гамериканський журналіст поїхав після Брексіту у Clacton-on-Sea (70% yay). Ось коротка довідка про Clacton-on-Sea:

"[An innkeeper]: There's nothing here. There is no industry here. There are no restaurants. There's no nightclubs. There isn't nothing attracting the younger generation."

Коли журналіст (Smith) запитав у 2х бабусь, чому вони так дивно проголосували, 1-ша почала розмовляти так, ніби вона є доповідач мудрого народу каменоломень Лугандону:

BOWLES: We've always been governed by people we don't trust, right, because they go to Eton and they go to Cambridge. They're taught how to be a politician, and that's their profession. Never done a day's work in their life. But we don't trust them. The working class can't trust anybody 'cause they always screw us over.

SMITH: So you would rather be screwed over by...

BOWLES: By me own.

SMITH: ...By your own politicians rather than European politicians.

BOWLES: Yes 'cause I know what to expect from mine.

SMITH: Which is very little.

BOWLES: Being screwed over. It's our country, isn't it, Anna?

ANNA: Yes.

BOWLES: I don't want a foreigner doing it to me.

А 2-га бабуся йому нічого конкретного не відповіла, тільки безпорадно хрипіла як бегемот, тому що у неї не працюють голосові зв'язки, зате є право голосу на референдумах.

The working class can't trust anybody!

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