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It's all the same Ubuntu

Гарні були у Кенонікал телефони:

"The phones were slow and had to be rebooted on a regular basis. [...] The battery indicator tended to show bogus data. Mobile data was unreliable, (national) roaming often didn’t work at all. The location service was very unreliable. The phone didn’t always ring when called, or you couldn’t make an outgoing call because the UI hid the buttons. The alarm didn’t work reliably. Bluetooth only supported audio devices, and later input devices, but not even basic file transfer. WiFi would not connect to WPA Enterprise networks until OTA-5. I think at one point the music player even started deleting files while indexing them."


Зате не злий Гоогл.

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Зачем вам плеер, если у вас нет музыки?
А, есть?
Гг, уверены?