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2017-02-21 02:18 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: 2 іграшки для DreamWidth

Іграшка 1-ша: CLI кліент для DW. Користуюсь десь з місяць, ніби працює.

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Іграшка 2-га: транслітератор з російської в українську

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2017-02-11 12:08 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: П'єси Подерв'янського у Standard Stage Play Format

Коли 2 роки тому, мені закортіло перечитати п'єси ЛП, я не спромігся їх знайти у нормальному epub. Тоді я зробив свою компіляцію і розповів про це десь у LJ. Не знаю чому, але the resulting epub/pdf найбільше скачували з Росії. Навіщо їм там Подерв'янський?

На останній сторінці epub'у я попрохав надсилати мені erratum. За 2 роки це наважилася зробити аж 1 людина з Чехії. Сьогодні я, нарешті, знайшов сили epub обновити.

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2017-10-14 08:33 pm

You'll see more with your eyes closed

'A [new cell] tower was installed near the college.

The local newspaper released interviews from the earthy transient crowd, whose members felt "weird brain waves and headaches when near the tower." Then they interview the students who had been getting better reception since he tower was installed.

The last sentence of the article was "Imagine how both these affects will be magnified next week when the power company turns the tower on."'

(From reddit.)

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2017-10-14 04:47 pm

The perfect people for the job

"I remember my first "staff" job in a big bank in San Francisco. It was 1980. My partner Dean and I were plucked from the management training program and put on a "special project."

The term "special project" means "All the real jobs are filled by people who, at first glance, don't appear nearly as incompetent as you." That was certainly true in my case. Dean was actually pretty good at appearing competent, but he theorized that he was being punished for something he said to somebody.

Our job was to build a computer information system for the branch banks. We were the perfect people for the job: Dean had seen a computer once, and I had heard Dean talk about it.

Our office was an unused storage room in the basement just off the parking garage, big enough to hold two beat-up desks and some squeaky chairs. It had bare white walls, an uncarpeted floor, no windows, and an annoying echo. It was like a prison cell, but without access to a library and free weights.

Sometimes I would try to call other people in the company to get important information for our project. The response was always the same: "Who are you and why do you want to know?"

I would try to sound important by invoking the first name of the senior vice president and describing how the fate of the free world depended on this vital transfer of information. For example, "Bill needs it . . . to keep our great nation independent."

But somehow they always figured out I was a twenty-two-year-old guy with a bad haircut and a cheap suit sitting in a storage room just off the parking garage. If I was especially charismatic that day, they would have the courtesy to swear at me before hanging up.

Eventually Dean and I degenerated into a pattern of sitting in our little bare room gossiping about co-workers, balancing our checkbooks, and fantasizing about whether the sun was out that day.

When we got bored we would hypothesize about the information we needed, talking about it for hours until we were both pretty sure we knew what it "should" be. Then we packaged it up as "user requirements" and gave it to a woman named Barbara who programmed the system in about two weeks.

The whole project took about a year, because it's not the type of thing you want to rush. When it was done, the results of the system were notoriously inaccurate. But our manager assured us that it was okay because he only used the numbers that supported his personal opinion anyway."

(From The Dilbert Principle.)

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2017-10-13 11:26 pm

Black Nasa - Hut Nut

Музиченька для мошини. An oldie but goodie.

Opens a Youtube page

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2017-10-13 07:10 pm

For the love of god, take a bike

A passing lane--концепт геть невідомий для вкраїнських дятлів, раків, биків або їх самиць:

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2017-10-09 11:52 pm

It could be worse, they could have won

Ну то може і краще, інакше шо то був би за цирк з конями у Московії?

До речі, хвутбол отой йобаний дивився по Sky Sports; єдине що сподобалось це як бритішський коментатор сказав про того підара сєпарського Ракицького після його чергового паса у нікуди: "he got that rather wrong", ггг.

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2017-10-07 11:23 pm

Why a green great dragon is baloney

Хвилинка інглішу:

"John Ronald Reuel Tolkien wrote his first story aged seven. It was about a 'green great dragon'. He showed it to his mother who told him that you absolutely couldn't have a green great dragon, and that it had to be a great green one instead. Tolkien was so disheartened that he never wrote another story for years.

The reason for Tolkien's mistake, since you ask, is that adjectives in English absolutely have to be in this order: opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose Noun. So you can have a lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife. But if you mess with that word order in the slightest you'll sound like a maniac. It's an odd thing that every English speaker uses that list, but almost none of us could write it out. And as size comes before colour, green great dragons can't exist."

tl;dr: Madonn'

(From The Elements of Eloquence by Mark Forsyth.)

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2017-10-06 08:20 pm

A Good Investment

Rebuild engine == Has new spark plugs

how to interpret antique car ads

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2017-10-02 09:02 pm

Features available only on Windows 10

З сайту Майкрософт: Windows 10 keeps getting better - the Creators Update includes new innovations, features and security capabilities.


> ver

    CurrentBuildNumber    REG_SZ    15063
    ProductName    REG_SZ    Windows 10 Pro N
    ReleaseId    REG_SZ    1703

> eventvwr



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2017-09-25 04:46 pm

What was Pythagoras well known for? He wrote in bad French!

"In those days [1861] there was a famous mathematician whose name was [Michel] Chasles. He was interested in the history of geometry, and also in the glory of France, and a clever genealogist saw his opportunity. He produced letters from which it appeared that some of Newton's discoveries had been anticipated by Frenchmen who had been robbed of their due fame

M. Chasles bought them, with a patriotic disregard for money; and he continued to buy, from time to time, all that the impostor, Vrain Lucas, offered him. He laid his documents before the Institute, and the Institute declared them genuine. There were autograph letters from Alexander to Aristotle, from Cæsar to Vercingetorix, from Lazarus to St. Peter, from Mary Magdalen to Lazarus.

The fabricator's imagination ran riot, and he produced a fragment in the handwriting of Pythagoras, showing that Pythagoras wrote in bad French. At last other learned men, who did not love Chasles, tried to make him understand that he had been befooled. When the iniquity came to light, and the culprit was sent to prison, he had flourished for seven years, had made several thousand pounds, and had found a market for 27,000 unblushing forgeries."

From Lectures on The French Revolution by John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton.

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2017-09-22 12:42 pm

RMS vs Doug McIlroy

Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 06:11:03 -0400
From: Doug McIlroy <doug-bJGkzYaaMJvEkZP4S/TgZg@public.gmane.org>
Newsgroups: gmane.org.unix-heritage.general
Subject: Re: Happy birthday, Dennis Ritchie!
User-Agent: Heirloom mailx 12.5 7/5/10
Message-ID: <201709211011.v8LAB39V022229@coolidge.cs.Dartmouth.EDU>

> When you say MIT you think about ITS and Lisp.  That is why emacs IMHO
> was against UNIX ideals.  RMS was thinking in different terms than Bell
> Labs hackers.

Very different. Once, when visiting the Lisp machine, I saw astonishingly
irrelevant things being done as first class emacs commands, and asked
how many commands there were. The instant answer was to have emacs
print the list. Nice, but it scrolled way beyond one screenful. I
persisted: could the machine count them? It took several minutes of
head-scratching and false starts to do a task that was second nature
to Unix hands.

With hindsight, I realize that the thousand emacs commands were but a
foretaste of open-source exuberance--witness this snippet from Linux:
        ls /usr/share/man/man2|wc
            468     468    6766
Even a "kernel" is as efflorescent as a tropical rainforest.

Так, порахувати інтерактивні команди в імаксі дійсно можна тільки після head-scratching, тому що mapatoms повертає nil, замість того щоб як mapcar вертати список результатів:

ELISP> (version)
"GNU Emacs 25.2.1 (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.24.31)\n of 2017-07-16"
ELISP> (let ((n 0)) (mapatoms (lambda(s) (if (commandp s) (setq n (1+ n))))) n)
5135 (#o12017, #x140f, ?ᐏ)

(mapatoms перебирає obarray, яврпщя.)

Але то є з різними завантаженими pkgs, голий імакс трохи худіший:

$ emacs -Q --batch --eval '(let ((n 0)) (mapatoms (lambda(s) (if (commandp s) (setq n (1+ n))))) (princ n))'
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2017-09-21 11:25 pm

Those who want privacy must pay

Tales from the distant past (March 25, 1999 LWN Weekly Edition):

Larry McVoy is out to change the way cooperative software development is done, and he may just pull it off. [...]

Larry's stated goal is to have every free software project using BitKeeper within a few years. He may just get there. [...] With some luck, the result should be a reduction in the number of "Linus does not scale" burnouts that have occasionally halted kernel work in the past.

As part of Larry's approach to world domination, he intends that BitKeeper be freely available for any free software development team that wants it. [...] But Larry also wants commercial software companies to use his system, and he would like for them to pay for the privilege. [...]

BitKeeper includes a logging feature. Once multiple repositories are in use, BitKeeper will log all changes to a central server; these logs will be made available via a web page. Thus anybody can go to the web site and see what's happening with any development project out there which is using BitKeeper. [...]

The reasoning behind this move is the following: Larry believes that free software projects want their work to be in the open anyway, and will not be bothered by the logging. Since the logging only kicks in when multiple repositories are used, individuals using BitKeeper to manage their diaries will not be affected. Proprietary vendors, instead, are not likely to be happy with having their change log messages broadcast to the world. For them, this restriction will probably make the system unusable.

At this point Larry shows up with a deal: the commercial version of BitKeeper doesn't do public central logging - you can direct the logging to an internal server. Pay the price, and you can use the system with your privacy intact.

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2017-09-20 06:30 am

Movie Reviews

  • Life Is Sweet (1990). 9/10.

    Добрий бритішський гумор. Акценти, антураж, протагоністка, все пречудово.

  • Naked (1993). 8/10.

    Кажуть, було культове кіно. Вельми непогане. Хоча епізод з охоронцем, який розмовляє з акцентом та словниковим запасом збіднілого англійського есквайра, виглядає трошки дивно.

  • Fawlty Towers (sitcom 1975, 1979). 8/10.

    На жаль тільки 12 серій. 2й сезон дотепніший. Деякі другорядні персонажі мають у роті картоплю, без субтитрів може бути складнувато.

  • Deliverance (1972). 7/10.

    Гішторія про те, що мандрувати по remote wilderness краще зі вогнепальною зброєю.

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2017-09-20 05:51 am

There's no 'Yasha' in the top 100 most popular dog names list

Побачив, що dhh чогось ретвітнув якогось Яшу Левіна (@yashalevine), який бідкається на оцей кліп з Морганом Фріменом:


Я такий 'а шо це за хуй Яша Левін?'
Клікнув на профайл. Ага, все так як я і гадав.

'Soviet-American. Nefarious Russian.'

Soviet-American з СПб! Такого я ще не чув, мабуть якась нова species. Тип членистоногі, клас комахи, ряд воші, підряд гнида звичайна. Яке безцінне придбання для Гамерики.

У твітах класика курдах-кудах, кококо:

"Ukraine's current government had nothing to do with Ukrainian politics, it only shelled and bombed its own people in the east."

'Senate authorizes half a billion in weapons to Ukraine. Brutal. US sees Ukrainians as cannon fodder in a proxy war.'

До речі ця істота ще і "пісатєль", що вісвітлює злих hippie entrepreneurs та підступну CIA. Не забудьте придбати нову книжку у наступному році.

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2017-09-19 12:52 am

Інтриги, розслідування

Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2017 17:12:06 -0700
From: Larry McVoy <lm-VxhRmpcwSR4AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>
Newsgroups: gmane.org.unix-heritage.general
Subject: Re: Happy birthday, Dennis Ritchie!
User-Agent: Mutt/1.5.24 (2015-08-30)
Message-ID: <20170918001206.GD3272@mcvoy.com>


I really soured on on RMS when the FSF took my ls -h/du -h code and
"rewrote" it so they would not have to give me credit.  That's pretty
petty.  He did it because he hated me because BitKeeper wasn't open
source enough for him and the kernel was using it.  So he wanted to
scrub the GNU source base of any of my contributions.  So I stopped
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2017-09-17 12:39 am

Жємчужіна у моря

Одеса клоакою була, є і буде. Весна '14 мене неабияк здивувала, я почав гадати, що може я помилявся. Ага. Можливо колись дуже давно (до того як всі переїхали у IL, DE, US, CA) там було нормальне місто, але я Одесу тільки бачив з заскленими балконами та биками за кермом.

У Фасебооці пишуть сьогодні вийшло 200 чоловік, марно потовклися та розійшлися. Згідно Вікіпідіа, в Одесі живуть 1,016,515 адєсітав. Тобто лише 0.0197% з них не є похуй що відбувається.

Апазіционий блок їм дітей заживо спалив, мусора, пореготавши з жменьки активістів, "дадут правовою оцєнку хуліґанству", а адєсіти нічого, сидять дома, "лєґко взволновани". От якби то футбол одночасно трапився, тоді так, можна було би вийти, почесати пузо, але футболу не було, чого тоді ото пертися бозна куди, не дійсно ж наші діти, от якби то були наші--тоді так, але ж то не наші, нашо ото час витрачати.

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2017-09-16 02:35 am

Oh, pity the poor Angel of Death

"[July 26 (8 Thermidor), 1974] He [Robespierre] went to the Jacobin Club, and repeated his speech to a crowded meeting. He told them that it was his dying testament. The combination of evil men was too strong for him. He had thrown away his buckler [a shield], and was ready for the hemlock [a poisonous drug].

Collot sat on the step below the president's chair, close to him. He said, "Why did you desert the Committee? Why did you make your views known in public without informing us?" Robespierre bit his nails in silence. For he had not consulted the Committee because it had refused the extension of powers, and his action that day had been to appeal to the Convention against them.

The Club, divided at first, went over to him, gave him an ovation, and expelled Collot and Billaud-Varennes with violence and contumely. [...]

Collot and Billaud, both members of the supreme governing body, went to their place of meeting, after the stormy scene at the Club, and found St. Just writing intently.

They fell upon him, and demanded to know whether he was preparing accusations against them. He answered that that was exactly the thing he was doing. When he had promised to submit his report to the Committee of Public Safety before he went to the Assembly, they let him go.

In the morning, he sent word that he was too much hurt by their treatment of him to keep his promise."

From Lectures on The French Revolution by John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton.

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2017-09-15 12:29 am

Be careful not to dislocate your jaw!

... або хвилинка англійської мови.

"A pi-jaw (pi- is short for pious) is one of those lectures or sermons delivered by a schoolteacher or a scout leader on a "man-to-man" basis to prepare the nervous youngster for life's lurking pitfall."

(From English English by Norman W. Schur.)

"Coloured cartoon from the Northern Looking Glass 14 November 1825, entitled "Pious Jaw Breakers". The cartoon is a comment on a report in the newspapers that a pious church-goer had dislocated his jaw while singing hymns over-enthusiastically."

(From TheGlasgowStory.)

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2017-09-14 10:38 pm

Молодь--наша надія та майбутнє!

га-га-га (регоче)

Не знаю, наскільки кортинка відповідає реальності та навіщо там розбили на 2 частини "комп'ютерні науки" (шо це? ніякого CS в Україні не існує; йобане село) та "інженерія пз" (не буду коментувати).

Колись чув "інсайдерську інфу" від прохфесури, що з 9/10 тих хто обирає "право" в Україні, по закінченню університету до права потім ніякого професіонального відношення не мають. Цікаво чому. Гарний лоер--це ж як погроміст, тільки з використанням несинтетичних мов, схожим відчуттям "контролю" над своїм життям, тощо.

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2017-09-14 09:58 pm

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - Lipstick Woman

Музиченька для мошини. Так, всі це заслухали ще 3 роки тому, а я є слоупок!

Opens a Youtube page

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2017-09-14 08:47 pm

The state stinks like a dead whore's minge

Як люблять писати "ось вам у стрічку" (терпіти не можу цього виразу) чергової перемоги.

Херсонська міська рада (я їбу де це):

"Для Управління захисту економіки аксіоматично, що міська влада краде бюджетні гроші у кількості 30% з усього. За версією Артема [начальника управління захисту економіки в Херсонській області; я їбу хто це та нахуя воно потрібне] вони розподіляються між нами пропорційно. Але ви не думайте, що Артема хвилює неподобство у вигляді ймовірного розкрадання коштів. Артем наполегливо просить свої 3%. Артем дістав вже їх просити. Артеме, навіщо вони вам, у вас така багата дружина! Допоки ці 3% йому не віддадуть, він погрожує затягати по допитах у лівих справах всіх, хто не платить дань. Благо, шісток у мусорів завжди в ізбиткє, є кому катать безсенсові заяви."


І так--всюди. Як робиш крок з Києва, настає лютий феодальний пиздець (це не означає, що Київ smells like a rainbow unicorn). Але never your mind, продовжуйте захоплено постити як та шо там у кацапів зламалося сьогодні і обов'язково наїбнеться завтра.

Наглухо йобнута країна.

Так би і сжєґ єйо всю, kek.

* * *

З вами був Leo Bloom Генрі, який всіх ненавидить після сьогоднішнього трафіку. Tune up next time he drives back & forth the whole day across the city.